Where are you located?

Our team is spread between Seattle and San Francisco bay area. We can work in person or remote, by desktop sharing. Over 90% of our customers prefer the latter because coffee shops are usually too loud and libraries are too quiet – we end up sounding too loud. We use a safe and reliable desktop sharing software to share your screen. We can see every keystroke and mouse move you make. We can also type for you, move your mouse and see/hear each other in real time. If you are unsure about working remotely, please contact us and allow us to demonstrate you how it works. It’s completely free.

How can I pay you?

We accept PayPal or all major credit cards (2% fee apply to credit cards).

Do you have any guarantees?

“I would rather lose money than trust.” – Robert Bosch, Founder of The Bosch Group

We live by this statement and therefore we offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee in the efforts we make to help you get there. If you are not happy, we will work hard to make it up to you.

Can you provide references?

Yes, of course! We have many customers (software engineers, students and businesses) who will be more than happy to share their success stories you.

Can I write-off the fee I pay you in my taxes?

As per IRS Publication 529, if you use our services to advance your career, you maybe be able to deduct it from your taxes.